Jeremy Renner has responded to his surprise, but thoroughly-well deserved Oscar Nomination for The Hurt Locker.

Empire called the talented actor and gauged his reaction: "I never knew that I could feel so exhilarated as I did when I was six years old during Christmas, or going to Disneyland for the first time," he added, "I never imagined this feeling coming back. It’s an amazing high. It really is." When the Film Mag asked about his initial reaction to the news he spewed, "I think the first one they called out for us was Best Actor," he laughs. "I climbed all over Anthony (Mackie) and jumped in his arms."

Avatar is now seen as the favourite for Best Film, with The Hurt Locker its biggest rival. Box-office wise the Iraq set war film has grossed less than $13 million in America, while Cameron's big budget epic just passed the $600 million mark. I enjoyed Avatar a lot, but both Up In The Air and The Hurt Locker were better films - it's just a case of if Academy voters have seen them or not. Avatar's stunning record breaking gross proves that the majority of people on the planet have already.