Now this was the Marvel news we've been waiting for.

Strap yourselves in for another wild ride with Hugh Jackman and his Wolverine, as the character will make his final, final, final outing in 'Deadpool 3'.

UPDATE: There's a part two of the original video. The original story follows.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the Merc with a Mouth and is the one who spearheaded the franchise from the beginning, shared a video yesterday evening about his new recruit.

In the video, the actor is seen killing time as he attempts to get his next 'Deadpool' film off the ground (which will be the first time the character officially enters Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe after that 20th Century Fox buy-out) and can be seen sitting on the toilet, pouring himself some Aviation gin, and walking through the woods - but no ideas are coming to him.

But - he does have one idea. See the Hugh Jackman/Wolverine reveal for yourself below.

So, does this mean the Ryan Renolds and Hugh Jackman love/hate relationship has finally come to an end? After years of playful back and forth between the two, will they get to duke it out for one last time in a team-up to end all team-ups? We can't contain ourselves with the anticipation.

Jackman has dropped hints as far back as 2018 that he might not be done with playing one of the X-Men's most famous mutants. The critically-acclaimed 'Logan' film by director James Mangold in 2017 was the character's final outing, but he's appeared in a total of nine X-Men-related titles.

In July of 2021, Jackman sent fans into a frenzy after giving a major hint he might be returning as Logan. At the time, the now 53-year-old shared a fan-made image of Wolverine as well as a picture of him standing beside Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige.

'Deadpool 3' has a release date of September 6, 2024. This places the film in between 'Thunderbolts' in July and 'Fantastic Four' in November. For a full run-down of all of the other upcoming Marvel releases, check the list here.