Is there an actor today quite as versatile as Hugh Jackman? In 2013 alone he managed to play a super-hero in The Wolverine, a singing revolutionary in Les Miserables and a damaged father in Prisoners, and we took him seriously in all three. Plus, he's generally regarded as one of the most likeable and charming men in Hollywood, as anyone who seen him recently dancing to Blurred Lines on Graham Norton can attest to.

Well, we were lucky enough to get a few minutes of his time to talk about one of this summer's biggest and most risky blockbusters, X-Men: Days Of Future Past. The time-travelling sci-fi actioner is pushing the boundaries on what can be done with the confines of a comic-book movie, and we talked to Jackman about what it's like returning to the role of Wolverine, even though he's essentially playing him TWICE in this movie, working with the new cast members like Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, and what it's like taking part in some of the huge action set-pieces that can be found throughout the new movie.