Just when we thought Hugh Jackman had done it all, Wolverine, Broadway, Les Mis - the acting, singing and dancing virtuoso has now expressed an interest in becoming the next James Bond. What's that noise you hear? Well, that'd be the sound of nodding heads. Yes, Hugh, we think you'd make for a lovely Aussie Bond. You've certainly got a knack with the ladies (see above as they pretty much fawn at his feet).

He may only be joking - cheers for getting our hopes up, lad - but there's always a bit of truth behind a fib, right? Speaking at the Les Miserables world premiere, the actor joked that he wouldn't half mind picking up where Daniel Craig leaves off, whenever he should decid his time as 007 must end.

Having the craic with The Sun, Wolverine said: "I will just wait. The thing about Daniel is that he's, what, 62 now, isn't he? He's falling apart at the seams... So I just keep telling him, 'I'm ready, whenever you want to let him go'. The good thing is I also have a British passport."

Well that's that sorted then. The thing is though, Hugh was once offered the role of Bond for Casino Royale but rejected it on the basis that he needed to focus more so on X-Men. Then Daniel Craig came along, not that we're complaining about Craig. "At the time it was wrong for me but when I saw Daniel in the movie I thought I should have been more interested, because it was great... But I am great mates with Daniel and, you know, no-one could have played Bond better."

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