A big-screen return to 'Downton Abbey' is still on the cards.

A 'Downton Abbey' sequel to the 2019 movie, which generated nearly $200 million in revenue, is still in development according to one of the stars, Hugh Bonneville.

There is one snag, however, which you've probably already guessed. That virus which is hanging around like a bad smell.

Speaking on radio and TV presenter Zoe Ball's breakfast show, the actor explained what needs to happen for production to start. He said: "Here’s the deal, if everybody who is offered a vaccine takes a vaccine, we can make a movie, we will make a movie."

Bonneville continued by saying he's already cast his eyes over a script: "It’s the usual thing. The planets are circling. They are beginning to get into alignment.

"There is a thing called coronavirus knocking around and until that is under control in a sensible way, we are not going to be able to get all those ducks in a row. Mixing my metaphors here.

"But there is certainly the intention to do it. We would love to do it, we are desperate to do it, and I think it’s the sort of pleasurable release of a movie like the first one was, that audiences would enjoy after all of this mess we have been through."

Yes please to all involved on a 'Downton Abbey' sequel. This is exactly the type of movie we all would love to see at some point in the future when it's safe to do so. We can already feel the warmth radiating onto us in anticipation.

Bonneville has already been administered with his first jab of the vaccine, and he is currently volunteering as a marshal at his local vaccination centre. The actor also revealed that work is underway for 'Paddington 3' "somewhere on the horizon".