It's little surprise then that 'Venom' caught the attention of Screen Junkies. The Youtube channel produces 'trailers' that 'honestly' portray what you can expect in select movies.

The scathing video is quick to point out that in spite of Venom being Spider-Man's nemesis, Sony couldn't actually afford to put Spider-Man in the film. (By the way, if you are looking for a great Spider-Man film, check out 'Into the Spiderverse' as it is awesome)

It points out how the film would've been so much better with an R rating.

Tom Hardy meanwhile is "doing just the most" in the lead role. His performance is described as that of a "crackhead squirrel" with a baffling "New York accent?" and making "so many weird little noises that you'll wonder if they've been covering his mouth for a reason". Ooof.

The dialogue ("lots and lots of science talk") and villain plot ("a plan shared by this film, 'Infinity War', 'Mission Impossible - Fallout', and the 'Predators', and that's just in 2018") also take hits.

Check it out.