Before people start getting snarky, yes, we're aware that there was already a 'Home Alone 3' (featuring a pre-fame Scarlett Johansson) and, indeed, a 'Home Alone 4' and even a 'Home Alone 5'.

Of course, the fact that we have to point out those three movies rather than them being immediately understood and remembered tells you how good they are. In a lot of ways, 'Home Alone' pretty much began and ended with Macaulay Culkin's involvement.

So how do you make a 'Home Alone' that's worthy of the title, when Macaulay Culkin is now 40 - yes, 40 - and the likelihood being that Marv and Harry have been in prison for three decades after attempting to murder a child in New York.

Well, that's where this excellent Twitter thread from Kevin Zak comes in, and frankly, we have only a handful of notes. For example, you could easily bring in Kieran Culkin as Fuller and have him now working for PepsiCo as a VP of Marketing, but really, he's just Roman Roy from 'Succession'. Buzz, sure, you could have him back in there as Devin Ratray - the guy who played Buzz in the original - is still working, and does a lot of arthouse movies. Hell, you could even have Linnie McAllister running from a French patisserie called 'Les Incompeténts', just as a nice little touch.

The rest of this pitch, however? Perfection. Dan Levy is the absolute best choice to play off of Culkin, and considering the dynamic he already has with Catherine O'Hara from 'Schitt's Creek' means this is just comedy gold waiting to be mined.

Take a look.

Pretty incredible, right? Not only that, it works on so many levels - not to mention the fact that it sort of plays with how the most recent 'Halloween' movie played with the conventions of the original from the '70s.

Disney+, please, get on this and make it happen.