Given the huge success of 'Creed', both critically and commercially, it's only right that expectations are set even higher for the sequel.

Although it's not known how much of a part he plays in the sequel, bringing in Dolph Lundgren and his character, Ivan Drago, was a pretty smart move as Carl Weathers and Apollo Creed played such a pivotal role in the first movie. Not only that, where is there to go except there? Who's Adonis Creed going to fight, the son of Clubber Lang? Absolutely not.

Michael B. Jordan's insane training regime - which we talked about when we interviewed him for 'Black Panther' - gets a good showing in this intense new trailer, not to mention actual real-life boxer Florian Munteanu's in there as well doing pull-ups and looking incredibly scary whilst doing so.

'Creed II' arrives in Irish cinemas on November 30th.