The first trailer for 'Creed II' has dropped online and features Michael B. Jordan back in action as Adonis Creed and our first look at the younger Drago, played by Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu.

While the trailer doesn't give much away in terms of the story, there's definitely a lot in it that leads up to the eventual fight between Drago and Creed - not to mention a look at how Creed's career has taken off in the wake of his victory in the last one. You've also got Tessa Thompson in there, Sylvester Stallone, but sadly no look at Dolph Lundgren returning as Ivan Drago.

There's also something quite timely about the state of US-Russian affairs and the fact that the second movie out just so happens to feature a Russian antagonist, but then again, Apollo Creed was killed in the ring by Ivan Drago - so who knows, maybe it's just coincidence.

'Creed II' arrives in Irish cinemas on November 30th. Here's the trailer.