That's right, Grumpy Cat has her own movie, and you're going to want to watch it no matter how much you pretend otherwise.

This Christmas, a touching holiday story will come to us via the medium of Grumpy Cat, and it will be fantastic. That's the impression we're getting from the first image of the movie, which was shared by Lifetime (the channel behind the flick) last night. 

The premise of the film is genius, as it turns out that Grumpy begins her life as a regular cat who turns sourpuss (get it) after spending much of her life in a pet shop in the mall. That is until Chrystal comes along, and realises she can hear the cat talk. 

Image via Lifetime/Mashable

Hilarity ensues, we're sure, they all learn some lessons, the cat makes a couple of wise cracks, everyone goes home happy. It won't be as good as Home Alone, but it might make it into our regular Christmas movie rotation as we sit on the couch eating sweets. We'll see. 

Via Mashable