To be fair, we are warning you now that this video is a jumpscare so if you get shocked and hurt yourself or whatever, you're not allowed sue us.

Not only that, we're giving you WAY more of a warning than this video's original context. The short jumpscare advert for 'The Nun' played on YouTube as a pre-roll advert that you couldn't click away from, meaning people were subjected this against their will. What's even more sneaky - or clever, depending on how you look at it - is that the video begins with a volume icon for the Mac, meaning you're automatically trying to turn it up.

Thus, giving you the fright of your life. OK, let's show you the advert. Remember, it's a jumpscare and, uh, be warned.

Here we go.

Needless to say, the video was pulled pretty quickly after complaints from users and one single tweet on the video went viral with over 100 thousand retweets. YouTube only moved to pull the advert yesterday evening, issuing a short statement saying that the video violated their advertising policy for "shocking content." YouTube has been under fire lately for its disturbing content, most recently the controversy surrounding Logan Paul.

Warner Bros., the studio behind 'The Nun', haven't yet released any statement on the matter but given all the press attention this little video has received, they're probably delighted with all the free advertising.

'The Nun' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 7th.