The original 'Hellraiser' is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror movies of all time, but as sure as night follows days, a reboot was always in order.

'Hellraiser' comes to us from 'The Night House' director David Bruckner, and looks to bring the horror franchise into the modern day.

1987's 'Hellraiser' was followed by 3 theatrical sequels of varying quality (one great, one decent, and one straight-up terrible) so this modern version of Clive Barker's tale has a low bar to clear.

'ER' star Goran Višnjić is seen in the trailer as the smooth-talking owner of the puzzle box that summons Pinhead and the gang.

The plot concerns a young woman called Riley (Odessa A'zion), who is struggling with addiction and compulsive behavior and comes into contact with the puzzle box.

As anyone who has seen a 'Hellraiser' movie will know, the puzzle box is easy enough to be solved by just about anyone, and suddenly hellish creatures show up to toy with aspiring victims.

'Sense8' star Jamie Clayton is taking over on Pinhead duties from Doug Bradley, and based on her prescence in the trailer, she looks to capture the same regal, but sinister vibe perfectly potrayed by Bradley in the previous films.

Based on flashes we get in the trailer, fans of the franchise will spot Leviathan and Chatterer, nods to the previous films and the works of Clive Barker.

Barker has lent his name to the film as a producer, which implies he's happy enough with the final product to have his name associated with it.

Barker hasn't been involved with the franchise since his executive producer credit on 1996's bizarre 'Hellraiser: Bloodline', and his name has been absent from the straight-to-DVD entries.

The film will release on October 7th on Disney+, and considering how they knocked it out of the park with 'Prey', we have high hopes for this new entry in the 'Hellraiser' franchise.

It surely can't be worse than the straight-to-DVD movies, right?