Darren Aronofsky is currently riding high on the critical acclaim of The Wrestler, with Oscar whispers beginning to get louder and louder; but his proposed teaming up with Mark Wahlberg and Brad Pitt on The Fighter is apparently in doubt, with Pitt thought to have left the project. On the film Aronofsky said: "We have a beautiful screenplay. It’s based on, you probably know, Mickey Ward. It’s a great great project. I love sports movies. Rudy (really!?) and Chariots of Fire are some of my favourite films. Fighter is a great script. Scott Silver wrote it. He’s the guy who wrote Eight Mile. So we have a great script, we’re just trying to cast it and try and figure out how it’s going to get made." Matt Damon was also attached at a point, but pulled out. Pitt was slated to play Mickey's brother, who helped coach him through to an unlikely world title bout. Wahlberg has apparently been training for the part for months, so here's hoping it happens.