Jeremy Renner might just be out of the running for Avengers 2: Word on the street is that the Bourne Ultimatum star may not be returning as Hawkeye, with Marvel Studios opting to recast the character instead. Burn.

Comic Book Movie has picked up on the fact that the actor has yet to be mentioned in relation to any of Marvel's Phase 2 movies, and is now reporting that a source says his character could be recast. Y'see, Renner wasn't exactly complimentary about the movie when he made a few negative comments about his role. That's led to a wee bit of speculation about his future with Marvel, given that the studio can't have been to happy to hear one of their leads mouthing off. Guess that's what you get for calling your character "limited" and saying he lacked "emotional content".

We'd actually be quite sad to see Jezza getting the boot, but sure it's all still speculation at this stage. That said, we've been trying to think who could actually replace him. How about Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth? With big brother Chris already wielding Thor's hammer it could be quite the hilarious family affair. Or perhaps our own Jamie Dornan? Sure isn't he making waves across the water these days.

Would you be sad to see Jeremy go? Or do you think someone else could do a better job?