It isn't all feather boas, curls, and singing about cunnilingus, oh no, Harry Styles' life as a pop star can actually be pretty difficult. Especially when it comes to his love life. The 'Don't Worry Darling' and 'My Policeman' actor has opened about what it's like to be in the spotlight... and what it's like to date him there too.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are very private about their relationship. Yes, you may see them strolling in and around Grafton Street before heading into a seafood restaurant or hear lyrics about her in his new album 'Harry's House'. But they tend to lean away from the limelight rather than into it as best they can for a couple who met on the set of their new movie.

In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, the musician slash actor slash boyfriend talked about the importance of balancing his private and professional lives; step one? He takes a shower immediately after any show and it's not just about sweat, it seems it's about coming back down to reality after having tens of thousands of people screaming (adoringly) at him.

He explains his methodology "Washing it off, you’re just a naked person, in your most vulnerable, human form. Just like a naked baby, basically". So, there's a transition from onstage Harry, all flared, sparkly pants and snake hips, to normal Harry, the one Brittany Spanos references in her piece as the guy in a trackie top and gym shorts with his hair in a grip clip.

These days, all Harry uses his social media for is scrolling through plants and architecture, according to Spranos. Online, he's much less Kardashian and much more Attenborough. But that doesn't mean he and his counterparts are not used fodder for certain strands of Twitter — a place he dubs "a shitstorm of people trying to be awful to people".

There his current girlfriend has been picked apart by some fans for arguably innocuous reasons like how she dances or even for poor jokes she made years ago.

Styles realises that this is the kind of baggage that goes along with dating him, "Can you imagine,” he says, “going on a second date with someone and being like, ‘OK, there’s this corner of the thing, and they’re going to say this, and it’s going to be really crazy, and they’re going to be really mean, and it’s not real.… But anyway, what do you want to eat?’".

He brings us all the way back to his 'The X Factor' audition when he sang 'Isn't She Lovely' when opened up saying “I just wanted to sing. I didn’t want to get into it if I was going to hurt people like that".

'Don't Worry Darling' comes out on the 23rd of September 2022.