Since One Direction have stopped performing and touring together, Harry Styles clearly has more time on his hands to try stuff he's always wanted.

In 2017, he landed a role in 'Dunkirk' - on the basis of merit, it must be said, considering Christopher Nolan didn't really get how famous he was. Now, three years later, he's taking on another role, in replacing Shia LaBeouf in Olivia Wilde's follow-up to 'Booksmart'.

'Don't Worry Darling' sees Styles join an A-list cast that includes Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Dakota Johnson, and Wilde herself in a supporting role. Details on the movie, however, are being kept tightly under wraps and only a bare-bones plot has been revealed.

The story is set in '50s America, in an isolated but idyllic community in the Californian desert where a housewife discovers a disturbing truth about her seemingly perfect life. Our guess? Probably either a cult or some kind of nuclear base.

As mentioned, this is also Olivia Wilde's second time in a new role like Styles - that of director - after the critical and commercial success of 'Booksmart' last year.

No release date has been set for 'Don't Worry Darling' as of yet because, well, come on.