Twitter has an absolute field day over the 'Don't Worry Darling' cast at the Venice Film Festival over the last few days. If it wasn't about debating whether Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine, it was about fan-girling over Florence Pugh's red carpet fashion moment where Chris Pine was getting snaps of her on his disposable camera like a proud dad pre-Debs.

The constant 'Don't Worry Darling' drama at Venice Film Festival has given the world enough meme-able moments to feed the internet for a solid decade. We've all been Chris Pine, zoning out of an important meeting. So relatable is Harry Styles waffling about how his favourite thing about his upcoming movie is that "it feels like a movie", we haven't stopped thinking about it once.

One of the biggest non-scandal scandals of the entire festival was when a video of Harry Styles and Chris Pine went viral. In the clip, people speculated that it looked as though Styles had actually spat on Chris Pine. Fortunately, a rep for Pine shut that rumor down pretty quickly, but not before the internet feasted on it's meme-y carcass.

Now, Harry Styles is getting in on the joke from the comfort of a 'Love on Tour' gig all the way over in Madison Square Garden in New York. "I just popped over to Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” he proclaimed to the buzzing crowd according to Vulture, continuing “but fear not, we’re back!".

Florence Pugh gushed about her 'Don't Worry Darling co-stars on Instagram after the festival, sharing snaps from the red carpet. She wrote "to all the cast and crew as well who helped to make this movie, thank you for all of your hard work. We genuinely wouldn’t have been there without your talent and we appreciate it hugely".

Of Chris Pine's adorable dedication to getting the perfect shot of Miss Flo, she said "I also just can’t help but post how bloody cute and hilarious Chris Pine is for being the no.1 photographer, getting down on white pressed trousered knees for angles.. now that’s dedication. Love you Chrissy".

Naw. We're loving the little bit of positive energy emanating from the cast today.