'Harry Potter' is back - this time with 100% more guns.

'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' has been given an update of sorts. But let's be perfectly clear here - we do not condone gun violence. However, when it's our favourite fictional wizard holding the trigger, and it's done as a parody, it just makes so much sense. A version of 'Harry Potter' with guns is what we've been crying out for all these years.

Look at it like this - a wand is basically a wooden gun of sorts, right? Sure, you can repair a broken object with one, or make something levitate - but you can also use a killing curse. It's a natural fit.

Taking the movie's creators hundreds of hours to create - around five years if you're counting - the feature-length parody has over 175 "brand-spankin' new good-enough-looking special effects shots" to keep you entertained as you watch an alternative, non-canon version of The Boy Who Lived and his origin story.

However, the underlying message of the 'Harry Potter' with guns movie is an important one, with the creators making us question if Hollywood pushes guns on movie-going audiences too hard. if you click through to their website (here), they provide plenty of information about gun control laws and incurring actions associated with guns in America, as well as giving information on how you can aid in the support of local gun violence prevention.

Here's the full trailer for you. be sure to head over to the 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons' website to watch the full two and a half hour movie (there's also a fantastic movie poster to go alongside it).

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