This week marks the 25th anniversary of 'Happy Gilmore', and it was only a matter of time before Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald - or Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin - got in on the action.

It all began when Adam Sandler posted this video of himself on a golf course, dressed almost the same as Happy Gilmore, and managed to smash the ball with the full Gilmore-style run-up to the tee. The man's still got the drive, in fairness.

Take a look.

Well, sure enough, it was only a matter of time before Christopher McDonald responded with his own video - in full Shooter McGavin style, too - and sunk a nice birdie (is that right?) in his home and then invited Gilmore to the 9th hole to bury the hatchet.

Here's McDonald's video.

Believe it or not, Bob Barker is still kicking at 97 but our guess is he doesn't have social media, and Julie Bowen (yes, the mother from 'Modern Family' was in 'Happy Gilmore' and everyone forgets that) hasn't tweeted about it.

Does McGavin still eat pieces of shit like Gilmore for breakfast, though?