One of the great things about 'John Wick' - and something we opined about recently - was that there really was an elegance in how straightforward it was.

Gangsters killed his dog, he decides to go and f*ck them up for doing so. It's something anybody could understand because, let's face it, anyone who hurts dog deserves to get stabbed with a pencil. But what if the roles were reversed?

What if, and stay with us, the dog decided to go on a kill-crazy rampage after its master was brutally killed? That's the basic premise of 'Odin', a new comic-book / movie franchise created by Scott Lobdell, the writer of 'Happy Death Day', and John McLaughlin, the writer of 'Black Swan' and 'Hitchcock'.

Currently, the property exists just as a script and a graphic novel, but given how smart this idea is - come on, who doesn't want to see a 'John Wick'-style movie with the dog going crazy? - you've got to imagine it'll be snapped up any day now.

'A Dog's Purpose', directed by Sam Peckinpah or Chad Stahleski - how good is that?