One of the many aspects of the original Blade Runner that's held up to this day is the soundtrack.

Composed by legendary synthesiser composer Vangelis, it's gone on to become the benchmark for sci-fi soundtracks and has influenced an entire genre of music in the process. Sadly, Vangelis wasn't asked back for the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, and instead Johan Johansson was tapped for the job.

However, a report has surfaced on French website StudioCineLive that says that Johansson is getting some help on the film's soundtrack - one of the composers is Benjamin Wallfisch, who worked on The Escapist and a number of cult indie films. The other is Hans Zimmer, who really doesn't need any introduction.

According to director Denis Villeneuve, "Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer joined the team to help Johann. It's hard to get to Vangelis' angle. We have Johann's breathtaking atmospheric sounds, but I needed other things, and Hans helped us."

Zimmer's worked on sci-fi before, most notably on Christopher Nolan's Inception and Interstellar, and is easily the most well-known film composer working today. More to the point, Zimmer is known for being extremely punctual with his work and considering how the October 6th release date is closing in, there's obviously pressure to get it done.


Via StudioCineLive