The Marvel Cinematic Universe had more than its share of intriguing casting choices over the years - with everyone from the likes of Robert Redford (taking on a rare villainous role) to Mad Men alum John Slattery as the elder of Tony Stark.

However, its cameos have almost always centred around Stan Lee - bar one or two unusual choices here and there. So it goes that there was a cameo in Black Panther and pretty much nobody clocked it - until now, that is.

According to a screenshot plucked from the home release of Black Panther, Trevor Noah had a cameo as Griot - who was the AI on the ship that Martin Freeman's character stole at the end of the film.  Noah's never mentioned, nor has anybody else in the film, and to be fair a voice cameo is always pretty hard to notice. Let's not forget that Michael Caine had a role in Dunkirk that wasn't exactly publicised or even acknowledged until after its release.

Here's the tweet in question.