As anyone who has a cursory knowledge of the horror genre will tell you, Hallowe'en defined the slasher film.

John Carpenter's sparse, sinewy direction, minimalist music and penchant for allowing the viewer to fill the void with their own fears was revolutionary back in the '70s. Since then, it spawned a total of nine sequels and a remake by Rob Zombie - which, we have to admit, was just awful. Awful, awful, awful.

Anyway, it's been confirmed today that a third Hallowe'en remake is in the works at Blumhouse with none other than 'ol JC himself stepping into the role of executive producer. "38 years after the original Halloween. I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all," said Carpenter in a press release.

There's also been unconfirmed reports that Carpenter will also be scoring this new remake. It's interesting that Carpenter's taking on an executive producer role, as his attitude to remakes is somewhat laissez-faire. When we interviewed a couple of months ago, he was quite open about his attitudes on the topic.

Here's what he had to say: "There's a law in this country, this is beautiful, it says you can't stop somebody from profiting. You can't. So, what am I gonna do? No, I don't want you to make it. Therefore, don't pay me. No, I'll take the money. Sure, go ahead. Send me the money and good luck. Nothing destroys the old movie. It's still there. So they make a bad remake? So what? It's not gonna effect me. My movie is still gonna exist, it's always gonna exist unless somebody burns the negative. So, I don't see a problem. I really don't."

When we asked him on the topic of the Escape From New York remake, Carpenter was also somewhat blase about it, too. You can read our full interview with him here, if you fancy.

As to who'll be directing the third remake, it's anybody's guess. We'd love to see a relatively experienced director take the helm instead of another newbie who's cutting their teeth. Maybe even someone like Adam Wingard or Ciaran Foy? Who knows.

No release date has been confirmed, but it's expected that the as-yet untitled Hallowe'een will see a 2017 release.