In case you don't know what that means, we're talking 100% and that's taken from 11 reviews so far - all of them positive and some calling it the best in the entire franchise since the original.

The movie debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last night and saw Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as Laurie Strode, receiving near-universal praise for her performance as well as David Gordon Green's direction.

Variety, in particular,  praised it for "tying up the mythology that Carpenter and company established, while delivering plenty of fresh suspense," whilst /Film called it "a love-letter to horror fans - a brutal, scary and sometimes funny sequel that gives the long-running franchise the respect and adoration it deserves."

Meanwhile, none other than the Shape himself - Nick Castle, in full uniform as Michael Myers - appeared in the theatre standing just above the screen itself and was caught on camera by audience members at the premiere screening.

Take a look. 'Halloween' arrives in Irish cinemas on October 19th.