How good is your historical drama knowledge?

With so many historical documentaries, dramatic TV series, and movie adaptations out there, we thought we would create an actor quiz of who played some of the biggest historical and pop culture figures that we've seen on the screen. But with a slight twist - you have to guess who hasn't played this particular figure.

One of the biggest heavy-hitters on our screens in recent memory is Netflix's 'The Crown', which puts the British Royal Family firmly under the microscope. With such a vast cast involved in the series and with each of the characters being swapped out every two seasons, we could even have just concentrated on this TV series.

But, of course, we haven't. In the quiz below, there are various other historical figures that you will come across - from pop culture icons to actors and musicians.

And once again, just in case, you are trying to choose the actor who HASN'T played the role of this person.

Best of luck, and let us know how well you do in the Facebook comments.