We've been following Jeremy Saulnier's career since we saw Blue Ruin in a darkened cinema at ADIFF - or JDIFF as it was known back then.

His follow-up from last year, Green Room, ranked highly in our Best of 2016 list and he was also linked with the ill-fated second season of True Detective. Long story short, he's going places and the work he's done so far has been pretty spectacular. Therefore, it's pretty interesting to report that his next film - an adaptation of William Giraldi's novel, Hold The Dark - will be made for Netflix.

The film, which is due to commence filming at the end of next month, centres on a child kidnapped from a remote Alaskan town by a pack of wolves. An expert hunter is then brought into try and track the wolves, with the child's grief-stricken father following behind. It's pretty grim stuff, but definitely in keeping with the tone and texture of both Blue Ruin and Green Room.

While it may not be the big-budget film we've been hoping Saulnier will work on to really cross him over into the mainstream, it's definitely a step in the right direction and definitely shows that he's staying true to what he believes is his own artistic vision. There's plenty of directors who would have taken a studio job - looking at you, Colin Trevorrow - rather than try and create something unique and meaningful with their follow-up film.

No release date has been set as of yet, but it's most likely to be an early 2018 release if not later.


Via BirthMoviesDeath