Pixar often has a signature short at the beginning of films and sometimes, they're more memorable (and tear-jerking) than the feature film itself.

Pixar shorts are like cinematic parables, we always come away from them with a lesson — and sometimes a catchy song (Lava, we're looking at you). There's something so endearing about the animated people, animals, and objects that cannot help but tug on heartstrings.


In this LGBTQ+ story, a man feels nervous to tell his parents about his partner. Even though his parents are supportive and even bring him a delicious looking pizza casserole.

The Blue Umbrella

Rain-crossed lovers the blue umbrella and the red umbrella fight against their carriers to be together.


Who knew a volcano could be such a good singer and be so romantic? Not us. We do warn you to watch 'Lava' at your own risk because the song will get stuck on a loop in your head.


It's got everything — drama with the water lapping on the shore, suspense as the wave tries to swoop away Piper the baby bird, and a powerful message at the end.


A mammy is going through the wringer a bit when her child moves out of the family home. Naturally, she adopts a very cute little dumpling as her own and we watch them grow up together.

These are just a few of the Pixar shorts that we love — who doesn't want to escape to a world where a man goes all 'Freaky Friday' with his dog?

You can watch Disney Pixar shorts in full on Disney+.