The 78th Golden Globes ceremony took place last night and it was certainly one of the most unique ceremonies in years.

On demand films and TV dominated the Golden Globes nominations this year and the same can be said for the winners.

Due to the ongoing COVID019 pandemic, it was a socially distanced ceremony. In fact, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler weren't even the same room as they co-hosted the evening.

The awards were distributed over zoom. As we're well aware from almost a year of meetings on the platform, technical issues can arise.

Thus it should come as little surprise that technical hiccups plagued the Golden Globes too.

Then there were also awkward moments simply because these fancy occasions can be a bit odd anyway.

Daniel Kaluuya was muted for his acceptance speech

Daniel Kaluuya of 'Get Out' fame won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for 'Judas and the Black Messiah' on the night.

He beat Sacha Baron Cohen (who won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'), Jared Leto, Bill Murray and Leslie Odom Jr. for the award.

Unfortunately upon getting his award, presented to him by Laura Dern, it appeared that either Kaluuya forgot to unmute himself or whoever's in charge of Golden Globes acceptance speeches did.

Luckily, they fixed the problem quite quickly.

Watch the awkward moment here.

Catherine O'Hara's awkward bit

To probably nobody's surprise, Catherine O'Hara won the award for Best Actress in a TV series - Comedy or Musical for 'Schitt's Creek'.

Other nominees for the award included Lily Collins, Kaley Cuoco, Elle Fanning and Jane Levy.

O'Hara sat next to her husband Bo Welch as he jokingly played off orchestral music from his phone, indicating that she was taking too long to give her speech.

But the music had a tinny, radpy sound and the joke just fell a bit flat.

Jason Sudeikis didn't get the memo

It appeared that Jason Sudeikis didn't get the memo about the Golden Globes being a formal occasion.

The actor wore a tie dye hoody for the awards, standing out like a sore thumb from his fellow nominees.

He won the award for Best Actor in a TV series - Musical or Comedy, and didn't seem to expect to win, given not only his attire but from the surprise in his speech.

Sudeikis won the prize for his lead performance in 'Ted Lasso'.

He wasn't the only actor to not be bothered to dress up. Because, let's face it, who is at this stage?

Bill Murray appeared to be channeling his 'On the Rocks' character, for which he got a Golden Globes nod this year, donning a Hawaiian shirt against a fittingly sunny background, with Martini in hand.

Jeff Daniels also phoned it in, wearing a checkered shirt.

Regina King's dog

Let's get one thing straight. Awards ceremonies are always made better with dogs. Heck, most occasions are. This was more of a timing issue.

King was nominated for Best Director for her film 'One Night in Miami' at the Golden Globes.

As she spoke virtually on the E! red carpet, Cornbread (isn't that the cutest name) could be seen chilling behind the director and actress.

But as she discussed the controversy surrounding the HFPA’s lack of diversity, the pupper just seemed tonally out of place.

Giuliana Rancic tries to get Leslie Odom Jr. to join her in a singalong

Another awkward moment on the E! red carpet came when presenter Giuliana Rancic was interviewing Leslie Odom Jr. for his 'One Night in Miami' nomination.

At the end of the segment, Rancic recalled his performance in 'Rent' and appeared to be encouraging him to sing a song from it as she launched into a number from the musical herself.

After a second attempt at singing, she let it go.

Fellow Broadway fans will be more than able to relate.

How did Tracy Morgan just pronounce 'Soul'..?

At the Oscars in recent years, we had John Travolta call Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem".

At this year's Golden Globes, we had the mispronunciation of a title you'd think is pretty straight forward - 'Soul'.

He appeared to call it 'Sal'. But immediately realised his mistake.

We'll write it off as that moment when you're called to read out loud in class, and suddenly forget what words are.

Whatever that bit that Kenan Thompson and Maya Rudolph did was

Yeah, we don't really have words for this one, we're just very confused.

Watch it here.