As we parse through the winners and losers from last night, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri pulled away with the most wins - and, unsurprisingly - caused the biggest discrepancies between our predictions and the eventual winners.

In total, we correctly guessed five winners right against seven incorrect - but, in order to save face, we did also place the eventual winners and next best contenders. To break it down even further...



We said... "Three Billboards, on the other hand, seems to be hit with the dreaded "mixed reactions" tag, so that's definitely out. This looks pretty clear for Dunkirk."

The winner was... Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Zero points to start.



We said... "Our guess is Get Out will win here and our own Saoirse Ronan will win in the Best Actress - Comedy or Musical category for Lady Bird."

The winner was... Lady Bird.

Zero points. Dang.



We said... "Gary Oldman gave a fantastic performance in Darkest Hour, his best in years (in our opinion, anyway), and the word is that he's due an Oscar this year for that performance and to correct the total and utter injustice that he's been without one for years."

The winner was... Gary Oldman.

One point. OK.



We said... "By all accounts, the clear favourite here is James Franco for The Disaster Artist."

The winner was... James Franco.

Two points. *pats self on back*



We said... "Hearing Frances McDormand curse like a sailor is always good fun, but our money is on Sally Hawkins here."

The winner was... Frances McDormand.

Zero points here. People really like Frances McDormand cursing like a sailor more than we thought.



We said... "There is no way on God's green and bountiful Earth that Saoirse Ronan is NOT going to win here. She is absolutely going to win here."

The winner was... Saoirse Ronan.

Three points and no ink poisoning. Long story.



We said... "It looks pretty safe that this will be Christopher Nolan's year. Guillermo del Toro deserves credit, too, for making The Shape Of Water for under $20 million and make it look like the budget was tripled."

The winner was... Guillermo del Toro.

No points here, but delighted that del Toro won out.



We said... "The only other contender here is Sam Rockwell for Three Billboards, but our money is still on (Willem) Dafoe."

The winner was... Sam Rockwell.

No points, but good for Sam Rockwell all the same.



We said... "The two clear favourites for us are Allison Janney in I, Tonya and Laurie Metcalf in Lady Bird... Gun to head? Probably go for Laurie Metcalf here."

The winner was... Allison Janney.

Zilch, but good on CJ Cregg.



We said... "Greta Gerwig's screenplay for Lady Bird, however, was beautiful and heartfelt - and really deserves the win here."

The winner was... Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

Duck egg again, but this one was particularly surprising for Three Billboards. It's all the cursing, without a doubt.



We said... "Given how HFPA often slants to non-US entries, there's every chance that The Breadwinner could scoop this award. If it doesn't, expect Coco to pick it up instead."

The winner was... Coco.

That puts us at four points, and we finish out with...



We said... "The only thing stopping The Square from winning here is the fact that it's barely got any kind of release either here or in the US."

The winner was... In The Fade.

This is pretty surprising, as The Square won Palme d'Or at Cannes and was really the favourite to win here.


So, overall, we had it right some of the time - but seriously underestimated Three Billboards' chances of winning against the likes of The Florida Project and Lady Bird. You can read our analysis of how the Golden Globes plays against the Oscar nominations, and a full breakdown of who won in the television categories as well.