It may seem quaint now thinking about it, but once upon a time, 'Ghostbusters' was not necessarily the cultural touchstone that we know it today.

In fact, 'Ghostbusters' was widely thought of the industry - before its release - that it was going to be a failure. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd's then-agent, Michael Ovitz, comforted them with the knowledge that "everybody makes mistakes", while Bill Murray only agreed to do the movie if Columbia Pictures agreed to finance 'The Razor's Edge', his very first dramatic role.

To help get the movie into cinemas, however, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray filmed a short little scene specifically for a convention of cinema owners in 1983 from the set. That clip, which sees Murray and Aykroyd riffing off one another, resurfaced on Twitter yesterday.

As you'll see, Murray and Aykroyd clearly weren't given a single bit of guidance other than the names of the cinema chains and the fact that it was being shown at a convention in Las Vegas.

After that, it's comedy gold. Take a look.