The Addams Family are coming back! It has just been announced that the supernatural family will be back on the big screen once more, this time in animated form.

Most people will be well aware of the cult 1990s films starring Angelica Hustan and Christina Ricci and though you may scoff at the rejig, know that the family have had a long, long presence in the entertainment world.

It originated as a single panel cartoon series in 1938 which was published in The New Yorker until the cartoonist Charles Addam's death in 1988.

Alongside the brilliant live-action movies, a sitcom version was produced from 1964 to 1966, an animated series ran in the 90s and there has even been a Broadway musical, so it's kind of like Dracula, or Frankenstein, immortal fictional characters that invite adaptation after adaptation and refuse to stay away long enough for us to forget them.

We're excited for this animated movie though, a lot of fun is to be had with these kooky and spooky fiends. All together now - da da da da click click da da da da click click!

Watch a trailer for the 1991 film version here: