Gerard Butler will play Secret Service agent Mike Banning for a fourth time. The 'Has Fallen' franchise has proven to, well, have not fallen.

The first movie in the franchise, co-starring Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, proved a hit back in 2013 grossing $170.3 million against a $70 million budget.

Sequel 'London Has Fallen' hit cinemas in 2016. In spite of getting dreadful reviews and making numerous worst movies of the year lists, it made even more than its predecessor - $205.9 million.

Last summer saw the release of 'Angel has Fallen' to mixed reviews. It still made a profit at $146.7 million in the box office, enough to warrant yet another sequel, it seems.

Ric Roman Waugh, who directed the last installment in the franchise, will also helm the next. Robert Mark Kamen ('Taken') is also back to write the script.

It will be filmed at Millennium Media’s Nu Boyana Studios in Bulgaria and throughout Europe.

Millennium is launching sales for the title at the virtual AFM (American Film Market), which is on now.