As CGI and movie-making technology begins to catch up with people's wildest ideas, you're going to see more of these crazy concepts becoming a reality.

Can we get Governor Tarkin from 'A New Hope' as a main character in a movie, even though the actor who plays him has been dead for 25 years? Yes, actually, we can. Can we have 'Fresh Prince'-era Will Smith fight his current self with a motorbike? We now possess the technology to make this a reality, and that's where 'Gemini Man' comes in.

Directed by Ang Lee, 'Gemini Man' sees Will Smith as an over-the-hill hitman who battles a younger clone of himself, sent after him by Clive Owen, who we're assuming was his former handler. If any of this sounds like the kind of high-concept action craziness that Jerry Bruckheimer would have made in the '90s, you're right - Jerry Bruckheimer is actually involved in this as producer.

Not only that, David Benioff of 'Game of Thrones' fame is credited as one of the writers, so here's hoping the finale of the movie doesn't complete squander everything that came before. The action, going by the trailer, does look about as crazy as the concept itself. Fighting with a motorcycle? Playing tennis with a grenade? Come on.

'Gemini Man' hits Irish cinemas on October 11th.