Say what you want about the studio machine, but the level of efficiency in moving from a real-life story to a Hollywood-ized version is now down to just a couple of weeks.

You'll recall - because it was barely two weeks ago - how an army of people on a subreddit decided to pump up the stock price of failing gaming retailer GameStop with the express intention of destroying hedge funds shorting the stock price, right? Was in all of the outlets, you must have read about it.

Anyway, Deadline is now reporting that they're currently developing a movie based on a book that's about to be written about the whole thing. If that wasn't enough, what's the working title? 'The Anti-Social Network'. Ooof.

To be fair, the book is being written by Ben Mezrich, who previously wrote the book that became 'The Social Network', so if anyone gets to come up with a title like that, it's him. Mezrich also wrote the book on which '21', the movie about card-counting in Las Vegas, was based.

Obviously, it's still very early days yet and nobody even knows how the story is going to end, but expect there to be some kind of montage of people downloading Revolut and Robinhood interspersed with masking up because it's all just too obvious at this stage how this movie is going to look.

The question is, who's going to play the people in the subreddits? Heroes like POTATO_IN_MY_ASS and ThiccDaddy420? You can't just get any randomer to play someone who chose a name like that.