Although Alan Rickman's performance in 'Galaxy Quest' could never hope to be topped, it looks like the sequel TV series for 'Galaxy Quest' may finally be going ahead.

The cult sci-fi comedy was due for a revival some time shortly before Alan Rickman's passing in 2016, but it now looks as though a refresh rewrite has happened, with Sigourney Weaver confirming the news to Collider in a recent interview.

"They were in the middle of reviving it," Weaver told Collider. "First of all, there was another script. There was a sequel written by our writer, Bob Gordon. The movie was so witty, and when they released it, DreamWorks cut a lot of the wittiest scenes because they wanted to put it out as a children's movie at Christmas."

"I think that was disappointing for everybody, so he decided not to let them have the second one. However, it was about four years ago, Bob and (producer) Mark Johnson and the whole group, started to develop a series. We lost the wonderful Alan (Rickman) unexpectedly, so that was put in mothballs, but I think they are finally now reviving it."

As well as this, Weaver also had an idea of how the revival series will incorporate the old cast with a brand new cast, but added that all of the original cast - that's Weaver, Tim Allen, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub, and so on - are still more than up for it.

"How they will find someone to play Alan's part, don't know, but I think that they have a very good idea of who to do it. He's irreplaceable, eternally. I think there may be good news on that front, but I haven't heard about it in these six months, so when it's gonna happen, I'm not sure."

By the Sons of Worvan, nobody could hope to replace Alan Rickman. But here's hoping this revival series happens all the same.