Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucasfilm, has opened up about the future of the 'Star Wars' franchise.

'Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker' dropped last December and completed the nine-part "Skywalker saga."

Previously there had been indications that the sci fi franchise would be focussing on TV projects like 'The Mandalorian' rather than films from now on.

Kennedy says "now we’re stepping back."

In an interview with The Wrap, she said: "stories have been told within this universe over the last 40-odd years, and there’s now the realization that this is a mythology that actually spans about 25,000 years, when you really start to look at all the different stories that have been told, whether it’s in books and games."

"We just need the time to step back and really absorb what George has created," she added. "And then start to think about where things might go.

"That’s what we’ve been doing, and we’ve been having a great deal of fun doing it, and meeting with lots of different filmmakers and talent.

"There’s so many fans out there and so many filmmakers that have been influenced by Star Wars for so long that it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a sense of who wants to be a part of this. So that’s what we’ve been doing."

Beginning December 22, 2023, Disney has three confirmed dates for upcoming Star Wars films.

The next production fans of the franchise will see is season 2 of 'The Mandalorian'.

It premieres on Disney+ in October.

Kennedy also emphasised the importance of streaming series going forward.

"I’ve already seen evidence of it," she said. "The ability to be very character-driven, with extended storytelling and connected storytelling, I think this space offers us a great opportunity to do that."

An Obi-Wan limited series in also the works.