Just to be clear, it's quite possible that Hugo Weaving grew out his hair to giant tufts of hair - but really, it does look like a wig.

Anyway, the full trailer for 'Mortal Engines' showcases Hugo Weaving's wig, giant and mechanical cities traversing the earth and lots of talk of a superweapon that'll be able to stop London - the city which Hugo Weaving is in charge of - from dominating other moving cities. When you say it all out loud, there's an element of "Huh? What?" to it that probably won't make sense until you see it up close.

In fairness to the people editing together the trailer for this, there's clearly a huge amount to cover and it's the kind of thing that may not be easily condensed down into a single trailer. Still, they're giving it their best shot and it does what it can. Peter Jackson, who is on as executive producer, is pushing this hard and you get the sense that he may have even taken a shot at directing this.

As it is, the film is directed by Christian Rivers, who was a storyboard artist on all of 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'The Hobbit', and this is his feature debut - so clearly Jackson's put a lot of trust in him and what he can do with it.

'Mortal Engines' arrives in Irish cinemas on December 14th.