We chatted to the directors of 'Frozen 2' ahead of the movie's release this Friday (22 November).

The 'Frozen' follow-up sees Elsa, Anna, Kristof, Olaf and Sven return for a new adventure. When Elsa hears a voice and Arendelle comes into danger, they set out on an quest to save the kingdom. They also uncover a long-kept secret.

In our chat with directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, we talked about folkloric inspirations for the movie and its music.

Lee and Buck also revealed what they see as the film's key message for young audiences.

According to Buck: "Well one of the things we talked about is the power of perseverance. You know, we see our characters really challenged in this one. And they do persevere, and where they end up in the end is a very strong place. So there's the challenge and how you can come out much stronger in the end."

Lee added: "I think [Chris] said it well and I think coping with change is a big thing and stepping into the unknown, those are scary things in life. But where 'Frozen 1' was more looking at relief and acceptance, 'Frozen 2' really dares you to act and participate in the world. And so I like that one's an acceptance and one is an action."

You can check out our interview in full below.