James Franco needs to be seriously commended for turning his career around after some dodgy early choices (Annapolis?). With Pineapple Express and Milk last year, he showed his staggering range in one foul, often hilarious, sometimes tragic, swoop. Now, the new face of Gucci has signed up to star in another film with 'Express' alum Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green, that is to be shot north of the boarder in Belfast. The film is called Your Highness, and will, somewhat surprisingly, have nothing to do with drugs; but instead have a medieval setting, where two princes must join forces to fight an evil wizard. Franco is seriously in demand, and has apparently knocked back co-starring roles opposite Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love and Leonardo Di Caprio in Chris Nolan's Inception, in order to concentrate on his studies in Columbia University, and star with his mates. McBride is a funny dude too, and co-wrote the script. You can see my interviews with both guys (and Seth Rogen) here and here