Francis Lawrence, who last helmed the worldwide smash I Am Legend, has just signed on to direct an untitled film based on Atlanta Federal Penitentiary riot of 1987. That riot was an absolute clusterf**k of epic proportions, as inmates at the high security prison took over 100 guards hostage and generally requested things that were never going to happen. The elite of the FBI couldn't handle the hostage negotiation, so Delta Force was called in to take the prison back by force. Black Hawk Down writer Mark Bowden originated the project, and it would appear to have that same frantic sounding feel to it. Lawrence still has a couple of kinks to iron out in his directorial style, but has shown more than enough flourishes to convince he yet could become a top drawer director. He has a couple of other projects currently in development, including a I Am Legend prequel, so this one may be a while off shooting.