The Weinstein Co. have inked a deal to bring the popular 80’s puppet show Fraggle Rock to the big screen. The original series centered on a bunch of fraggle’s who regularly came into the real world and were freaked out by folks feet - thinking humans were aliens, ya’ see. According to Variety the film "will take the core characters Gogo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red outside of their home in Fraggle Rock, where they interact with humans, which they think are aliens. The show premiered on HBO in 1983, ran five seasons and was broadcast in more than 80 countries". Apparently the show did strong sales recently when it was released on DVD.  So there ya have it folks. Ya wait twenty years for a puppet movie and two come along at once (the brilliant Jason Segal is working on a cinematic version of The Muppet Show). Hoodwinked helmer Cory Edwards will direct this version.