The whirlwind behind-the-scenes drama of the Olivia Wilde film is turning into a tornado as the release date gets closer and closer.

Florence Pugh won't be attending the Venice press conference of 'Don't Worry Darling', so don't even bother asking, okay? She'll be far too busy rubbing shoulders with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

The actor will be jetting into Italy later this afternoon straight from the set of 'Dune 2' in Budapest according to Deadline. This means she'll be skipping all of those awkward questions about the background drama of the upcoming thriller, only stopping by for a few hours of awkward interactions with her former co-stars.

She will attend the Red Carpet event, the photo call and see the film with Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde and the rest of the cast later this evening - but then she's hopping back on a plane to continue filming the blockbuster sequel.

According to the publication "director Denis Villenueve expects her to get right back to work Tuesday morning", which sounds like a great excuse and she'll probably be much happier fighting massive Sandworms than having to deal with whatever tension there might be between her former co-stars and colleagues. Yikes.

Florence Pugh jetting in for a pitstop at the Venice Film Festival only further ignites the rumours that she and 'Don't Worry Darling' director Olivia Wilde did not see eye-to-eye during the production of the film. According to those in the know, Pugh wasn't happy with Wilde for replacing Shia La Beouf with Harry Styles, whom the director then began dating during filming.

The La Beouf and Wilde drama was kicked up a notch last week when the actor accused the director of not being truthful about the reason he left the film, writing in an email to Variety "you and I both know the reasons for my exit". His email was a direct response to Wilde telling the publication La Beouf had a "combative energy" that she believes isn't necessarily "conducive to the best performances".

Pugh, even though she's the main character in Wilde's film, won't be doing any more press for the thriller, following her Harpers Bazaar cover shoot last month. The star, who recently parted ways with her boyfriend Zach Braff, will be busy filming 'Dune 2' until early October. To be fair, we'd probably rather face off against Stellan Skarsgård's slithery Baron Harkonnen than face this drama all over again too.

'Don't Worry Darling' hits cinemas on September 23.