With hit films like 'Once' and 'Sing Street' under his belt, John Carney is hoping that his latest endeavour 'Flora and Son' will repeat the success of its predecessors.

Like both of those films, 'Flora and Son' debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday night, and has already attracted positive reviews - with Indiewire calling it "another cozy, crowd-pleasing Irish musical", and The Guardian saying that it was a "musical crowd-pleaser" that "plays a simple but sweet tune."

'Flora and Son' stars Eve Hewson as the young mother of a teenage son (played by Orén Kinlan), who has separated from his father (Jack Reynor) but makes a connection with a musician (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

As you might have sussed via the name, Orén is the son of actor Laurence Kinlan (aka Elmo from 'Love/Hate'), who tweeted proudly while sharing footage from the premiere.

He wasn't the only proud parent in attendance, either: Ali Hewson was there to support Eve, too.

The film is currently seeking a distributor, but no doubt audiences will have a chance to see it in cinemas in the near future.