Laurence Fishburne has been announced by Hollywood studio The Weinstein Company at Cannes, as the man who will bring the bestselling novel The Alchemist to the big screen. The Matrix actor will Direct, Produce and Star in the adaptation that has been a pet-project of Harvey Weinstein’s for some time. The book itself was released in 1988 to huge acclaim and financial success around the globe. Written by Paulo Coelho, it was based on a young boy named Santiago who was a stickler for following his dreams. It’s quite a spiritual read, and is brimmed full of metaphors as Santiago goes off on a voyage of self discovery, ending up at the pyramids in Egypt. Oh, isn’t that where everyone ends up when they head off on trips of such nature!? Fishburne seems a strange choice, but is full of enthusiasm for the project saying "This is a special project that now has a special team behind it to ensure that its path to the big screen is handled with the proper care it deserves". He then took the blue pill and nodded off for a bit.