It really has been a remarkable year for Disney.

As well as The Force Awakens making an insane amount of money ($2.068 billion overall), another little film has joined the Billion Dollar Club - Finding Dory. This now makes the story of the blue tang making her way home the fifth most profitable animated film of all time.

Not only that, Finding Dory is the fourth film for Disney to join the Billion Dollar Club, as Captain America: Civil War, the aforementioned Force Awakens and Zootopia all passed the coveted number in their run. The Jungle Book, meanwhile fell short of the figure by around $33 million. Meanwhile, Finding Dory is the highest-grossing film in the US, earning a total of $485 million during its run in cinemas there.

In Ireland, Finding Dory has so far made €3.4 million during its run and continues to earn at least €30,000 a week at the box office. Not a whole lot when you compare it against the US box office, but let's remember that they have approximately 40,000 cinema screens and Ireland has in and around 66. So, yeah, big difference.


Via Variety