There's a brand new fourth and final trailer to feast your eyes on for Pacific Rim. Not to be confused with any other situations in which the word 'rim' may come in to play. Seriously, how many people have made this joke, or worse, think they're the first person to make the joke? Yes, rim, get over it.

Anyhoo, this movie's about robots fighting monsters, around the RIM of the Pacific ocean, a vision brought to life by Guillermo Del Toro. When the world finds itself under threat from an alien invasion, Idris Elba and co strike back with the most awesome robots you've ever seen; they emerge from the sea. Giving the Transformers franchise a run for its money, Pacific Rim hopes to cancel the apocalypse and comes stomping full force into cinemas Friday week.

This final sneak peak shows us the men behind the robots, putting themselves on the line to fight for our planet (or maybe just America, that's always the way, right?). PATRIOTISM YEAH!

Check it out here.