Any day now. Aaaaaany day now. We'll finally get some details on the hotly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey screen adaptation from EL James saucy (or not that saucy at all, depending on your own antics in the sack) novel. What a tightly guarded secret. The thing is with this kind of build up, though, is that when the movie finally comes out, it's never anywhere near as good as we'd hyped it up to be.

Does the news that Universal Pics are in talks with director Joe Wright bring us that little bit closer? Here's hoping. Universal have made no comment on this rumour but some trusty sources tell Variety that he is, apparently, the man tasked with filming one absolute ride and one perpetually blushing virgin in all manner of sexual positions. Here's hoping the lighting is low on set, 'cause otherwise... SCARLEH!

With Anna Karenina as the last film under Wright's belt, we can't see any issue with him making something fairly daycent out of this flick. But if you've read the book, you'll be aware that while it's a bit of fun, the writing is total pants, so this won't be an easy job for any writer/director.

Regardless of who's at the helm, we really just want to know once and for all who will play Christian jaysus Grey. Never have we waited more patiently (or impatiently, rather) for a casting announcement. We don't even care as much about Anastasia.

The last dude we thought had the job was Stephen Amell, star of Arrow. As of yesterday, however, it seems he has ruled it out.

Via his own Facebook, he said: "Was on a flight yesterday evening back to LA with no movie, so I grabbed 50 Shades of Grey and burned through it... Ummm... I hope they get the movie made, and I'm sure someone will be excellent in it. That person will not be me."

Nawww, back to the drawing board we go.

And by the way, if you're bored in work just Google image search Fifty Shades of Grey for a serious amount of blush-inducing ROFL worth, NSFW fan art. Lolz; some people have far too much time on their hands.