Considering the sickening amount of money Fifty Shades of Grey in its initial run, getting banned in a country like Singapore isn't going to massively impact on them.

Nevertheless, the film is now banned and illegal in the island city-state when it was rated R21 by the local censors. This meant that the film was unavailable to audiences below 21 and banned DVD and VOD sales.

This also includes Google Play, which just launched in Singapore last week. The Media Development Authority, which is essentially Singapore's censorship board, swept through the online store and removed several titles from stock, Fifty Shades of Grey among them.

Other titles included Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, J-Lo's recent crock The Boy Next Door and Stanley Kubrick's classic A Clockwork Orange.

Don't worry, though - we banned A Clockwork Orange as well so it's little surprise Singapore banned it as well.

Singapore is known for its conservative stance on the media, with shows such as Sex In The City banned from television - so it's little wonder Fifty Shades was banned as well.


Via Variety