The rumour mill went into overdrive over the news of the first batch of 'Rogue One' reshoots, with many jumping to the conclusion that film was 'troubled', forcing the filmmakers to come out and allay any fears that the film was in jeopardy. Today, Jyn Erso herself has piped up about them and revealed the one big 'downside' that she's faced.

In an interview with Vulture, Felicity Jones faced questions about the extensive reshoots that have been reported and deflected the intensity implied by the word 'extensive' by saying "... you often come back on films. It’s just a way of building on what you already have and making the film the best it can be" before being asked what the downside was. Her response?

"The downside is that I have absolutely no life, and my friends think I disappeared off the face of the Earth, because I’m in a goddamn gym every morning," Jones said, giving what can easily be called the most perfect elusive media-trained response to any question about reshoots. Her publicist must be delighted.

Jones was also asked how it felt to helm such a big movie by being No. 1 on the call sheet and said that it remedied her punctuality problem and that she "made damn sure that I was on time every single day".


Via Vulture