To the surprise of absolutely no-one who follows box office figures and predictions, the eighth instalment of the Fast and Furi-verse has joined the Billion Dollar Club.

This marks the second film in the Fast and Furi-verse to join this illustrious group of films and proves that people really do go nuts for cars smashing into one another to the sound of commercial EDM. For Universal, this proves more than ever that putting Dwayne Johnson together with Jason Statham and Vin Diesel is bankable material, even with a sub-par script and journeyman director.

As you'd expect, a lot of the money isn't coming from the US market - where it made a cool $192.7 million - but rather the global market, which is where the Fast and Furi-verse has always dominated. The total so far across 69 countries / markets is $867.7 million, making for a grand total of $1.05 billion so far.

It's likely that the film will hang on at cinemas for another couple of weeks, which should most likely bring it up to Furious 7's take of $1.5 billion, before it moves into the home market.